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[   ]A Chance-Constrained Two-Stage Stochastic.pdf453K 
[   ]A Quantum Genetic Algorithm based QoS Routing.pdf106K 
[   ]A Survey of Multicast Routing Protocols for.pdf362K 
[   ]A Trustworthy Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm Based on.pdf123K 
[   ]A Trustworthy Energy Efficient MIMO.pdf544K 
[   ]Agile Testing of Exceptional Behavior.pdf382K 
[   ]An Object-oriented Petri Net for Supply Chain.pdf341K 
[   ]An Optimal Control Strategy for Reactive Power in.pdf703K 
[   ]An introduction to biometric recognition.pdf1.1M 
[   ]Application of Compressive Sensing for Estimating Sparse Multipaths Channel of MIMO Systems.pdf451K 
[   ]CMOS PHOTONICS.pdf249K 
[   ]CMOS Photonics Technology Overview.pdf2.1M 
[   ]Classification of Direction perception EEG Based on PCA-SVM.pdf320K 
[   ]Classification of Mental Task From EEG Signals Using Immune Feature.pdf223K 
[   ]Classifying Depression Patients and Normal Subjects using Machine.pdf196K 
[   ]Cloud Computing Resource Management through a Grid Middleware.pdf694K 
[   ]Collision Avoidance Algorithm based on Fuzzy Expert Systems.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Collision avoidance algorithm based on fuzzy expert systems for multi-path planning.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Contributions to the Grid Infrastructure for e-Science Communities.pdf283K 
[   ]Decentralized State Estimation and Bad.pdf1.9M 
[   ]Dental Biometrics-Alignment and Matching of Dental Radiographs.pdf2.2M 
[   ]Digital beam forming and compressive sensing based DOA estimation in MIMO arrays.pdf374K 
[   ]ECG Biometric Authentication using Pulse Active.pdf795K 
[   ]Enabling HPC E-Science via Integrated Grid Infrastructure.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Energy-aware, delay-constrained routing in wireless sensor networks through genetic.pdf1.0M 
[   ]Energy Efficient Resource Management in Virtualized Cloud Data Centers.pdf224K 
[   ]Energy balancing routing algorithm based on HGACA in WSNs.pdf143K 
[   ]Energy efficient dynamic shortest path routing in.pdf222K 
[   ]External Data Exchange Issues for State.pdf282K 
[   ]Face Matching and Retrieval Using Soft Biometrics.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Frequency-Hopping Code Design for MIMO Radar Estimation Using Sparse Modeling.pdf2.6M 
[   ]Global methods for compressive sensing in MIMO radar with distributed sensors.pdf369K 
[   ]Graphene nano-, micro- and macro-photonics.pdf371K 
[   ]GreenCloud- A Packet-level Simulator of.pdf417K 
[   ]Green Cloud Computing.pdf1.4M 
[   ]Grid-Enabled Virtual Organizations for.pdf934K 
[   ]Identification of Individuals by Means of Facial Thermography.pdf786K 
[   ]Improving reliability of routing in Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks using Genetic Algorithm.pdf 93K 
[   ]Lithography and Other.pdf2.3M 
[   ]Microwave Photonics.pdf1.9M 
[   ]Minimizing Communication Costs in Hierarchically Clustered Networks of Wireless Sensors.pdf394K 
[   ]Modeling Chinese Wall Policy Using Colored Petri Nets.pdf146K 
[   ]Optimal Power Flow Solution Incorporating.pdf3.4M 
[   ]Performance Evaluation of Teeth Image Recognition System Based on.pdf483K 
[   ]QDGRP A Hybrid QoS Distributed Genetic.pdf1.1M 
[   ]RFID-a new solution technology for security problems.pdf691K 
[   ]Reduced complexity angle-Doppler-range estimation for MIMO radar that employs compressive sensing.pdf353K 
[   ]Robust Unit Commitment With Wind.pdf684K 
[   ]Scheduling Scientific Workflows Elastically for Cloud Computing.pdf123K 
[   ]Securing Transient Stability Using Time-Domain.pdf720K 
[   ]Semiautomatic Dental Recognition Using a Graph-Based Segmentation.pdf1.4M 
[   ]Spatial compressive sensing in MIMO radar with random arrays.pdf1.1M 
[   ]Start up and control of a DFIG wind turbine test rig.pdf454K 
[   ]The MOSFET Virtual Organisation- Grid Computing for Simulation in.pdf253K 
[   ]Tight Mixed Integer Linear Programming.pdf263K 
[   ]Two-Level Hierarchical Approach to Unit.pdf2.1M 
[   ]Unit Commitment With Dynamic Cycling Costs.pdf2.0M 
[   ]Virtual Infrastructure.pdf623K 
[   ]WSN13-3- Path Shortening for Delivery Rate Enhancement in.pdf197K